What advantages do I receive when choosing Al Firdaous School?

Our Vision

  • Qualified and dedicated teachers

  • Well rounded approach to loving and understanding the Quran (memorization, tajweed lessons, & tafseer)

  • Learning Arabic as a second language by using the Nurania Method

  • Teaching Islamic values through hand on experiences

  • Islamic character building through monthly themes such as respect, honesty, gratefulness, kindness, and more!

  • After school Clubs that let your child shine and show off their interests and talents as well as build long lasting friendships and a deep love and connection with the masjid

  • Fun events throughout the year

  • Safe, loving, and fun environment

To educate and inspire students in an Islamic environment.  To provide our children an environment which will enable them to achieve a strong Muslim identity, good citizenship, and achieve excellence in this life and the Hereafter.