Our Mission

We aim to provide quality religious, charitable and educational activities in conformity with the religion of Islam. For the accomplishment of these objectives we will:

Provide religious services, prayers, and programming
Teach and disseminate the faith among Muslims and non-Muslims.
Establish and operate an Islamic center in service to the community.
Strengthen fraternal bonds and brotherly relationships among Muslims.
Revitalize cooperative endeavors with other Muslim organizations.
Promote friendly relations and understanding between Muslims and followers of other faiths.

The Malden Islamic Center was incorporated on Nov. 28th, 2008 in Malden, MA as a non-profit organization.
Many struggles were faced along the way, but with the help of Allah and the community, our Islamic Center was a reality in a short time and was able to grow.

Our community still faces many challenges and needs the help of all to fulfill its commitment to the community and deliver its message. We rely heavily on donations to cover our operating expenses, and any amount small or large always goes a long way. We welcome the help of anyone, please do not hesitate to contact the management team if you would like to volunteer.

About Us